Eye on ELEMENT - Abdul Wasay

At ELEMENT, we empower MGAs across Europe by accessing insurance capacity and finding the best risk management solutions. As of now, we are active in seven European countries and will grow into further markets with our global mindset. Our “Eye on ELEMENT” series dives into the amazing people dedicated to making this a reality. We aim to explore what they do, their passion and what drives them to succeed. 

In this edition, our guest is Abdul Wasay, Engineering Manager at ELEMENT.


Hello Abdul! Tell us what you do at ELEMENT and how your typical day looks like.

As an Engineering Manager at ELEMENT, my day revolves around ensuring the smooth delivery of software development by resolving potential blockers and maintaining a clear roadmap for features. I begin by checking emails and planning for the day ahead, ready to tackle any challenges that may arise. Our daily stand-up meetings provide an opportunity for the entire team to share progress and address any potential blockers  

Working closely with both the development and product teams, I gain a comprehensive understanding of our broader roadmap. This collaboration allows us to maintain project momentum and ensure alignment between development efforts and product objectives. I also dedicate time to code reviews and individual check-ins, providing feedback to support the growth and development of my team members.  

Overall, my role as an Engineering Manager is mixed, requiring a balance of strategic planning, collaboration, and proactive problem-solving to drive the success of our software development efforts at ELEMENT


What did you do before joining ELEMENT?

I earned my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, focusing on honing my technical skills and the fundamentals of software engineering. This educational background prepared me to tackle complex challenges where technology meets business needs. I began my career as a Game Developer and later expanded my knowledge across various fields, including mobile, backend, and frontend development, engaging with clients from all around the globe. Prior to joining ELEMENT, I served as a Principal Engineer at a US-based company in Pakistan. In that role, I not only led my team in technical matters but also provided guidance and support to my colleagues. With over a decade of experience in software engineering, I'm fortunate to bring some expertise to my current role, where I have the opportunity to collaborate with different departments here at ELEMENT. 


Looking into the future, what do you want to accomplish at ELEMENT?

Since joining ELEMENT in March 2023 as a member of the Policy-Life-Cycle-team, I've accumulated extensive knowledge and collaborated with my team to identify numerous areas for automation to support the business at ELEMENT. With ELEMENT's shift towards an MGA business model, I am now also supervising the Payments-Team. My goal is to contribute to the business through technical development, ensuring that we optimize processes and enable ELEMENT to achieve its maximum potential. Alongside my team, I'm committed to facilitating ELEMENT's transformation into this model and fostering its ongoing success. 


What makes you happy at your everyday work at ELEMENT?

I really enjoy the work-life-balance here at ELEMENT. Having 30 days of holidays is great because it gives me the opportunity to spend more time with my family outside of work. A big plus is that work is manageable within the working hours. Additionally, when my family and I moved to Germany in spring last year, the flexibility that ELEMENT provided made it much easier to integrate both myself and my family.  

Moreover, I thrive on the daily challenges encountered at ELEMENT, whether they pertain to business operations, exploring new tools, or navigating complex technical issues. Collaboratively addressing these challenges as a team brings a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. 


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