Eye on ELEMENT - Abdulrahman Sulu-Gambari

At ELEMENT, we empower MGAs across Europe by accessing insurance capacity and finding the best risk management solutions. As of now, we are active in seven European countries and will grow into further markets with our global mindset. Our “Eye on ELEMENT” series dives into the amazing people dedicated to making this a reality. We aim to explore what they do, their passion and what drives them to succeed. 

In this edition, our guest is Abdulrahman Sulu-Gambari who is a Expert Data in our Data Team.


Hello Sulu! Tell us what you do at ELEMENT and how your typical day looks like.

At ELEMENT, I wear multiple hats as a Data Expert, diving deep into Data Business Intelligence, Web Analytics and Business Process Management. A typical day for me involves a dynamic blend of activities. In the field of Business Intelligence, I’m constantly monitoring KPIs, ensuring data accuracy, and creating insightful visualisations through dashboard development. I also handle ad hoc data requests, engage in predictive analytics, and collaborate closely with stakeholders to understand their needs and provide actionable insights. On the Web Analytics front, I generate reports, analyse data trends, and optimise performance through tag management and custom event tracking. And in Business Process Management, I conduct process analysis, map out workflows, and drive continuous improvement initiatives. So, you’ll often find me immersed in data, strategising to enhance our operations and deliver value to our stakeholders.


What did you do before joining ELEMENT?

Before joining ELEMENT, I gained valuable experience across various roles, each contributing to my skill set in significant ways. My previous experience as a Business Intelligence and Analytics Manager sharpened my knowledge and abilities in data management, analysis and visualization. Working with diverse clients, from Unilever to Deutsche Bahn, improved my communication skills and adaptability. Prior to that, my roles in IT management and consultancy equipped me with technical proficiency in areas like ERP systems, digital marketing, and medical IT service management. These experiences not only fortified my technical skills but also strengthened crucial soft skills like stakeholder engagement, problem-solving, and project management. In my current role at ELEMENT, these skills come to life as I navigate complex data landscapes, collaborate with stakeholders, and drive actionable insights to fuel business growth.


Looking into the future, what do you want to accomplish at ELEMENT?

Looking ahead, at ELEMENT, I’m excited about the opportunity to continue growing and making an impact in the field of digital insurance data and analytics. I aspire to further elevate our BI and data analytics capabilities, leveraging emerging technologies and best practices to drive even more informed decision-making. I’m eager to expand my knowledge and expertise to unlock new insights from our data streams in more efficient and effective ways. Additionally, I envision myself playing a key role in nurturing out data-driven culture within the organization, where insights obtained from data are seamlessly integrated into our business process and decision-making frameworks. Ultimately, my goal is to contribute to ELEMENT’s success by harnessing the power of data to drive innovation and growth.


What makes you happy at your everyday work at ELEMENT?

What truly brings me joy at ELEMENT is our warm and friendly company culture. Collaborating with colleagues who are always eager to work and learn together, and share ideas creates a supportive environment where success is a collective effort. Contributing to the company’s success and helping stakeholders make informed decisions fills me with a deep sense of accomplishment. Plus, the ongoing learning and growth opportunities in our dynamic field keep me motivated to strive for excellence daily.

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