Deep Dive: the new rebranding of ELEMENT

A rebranding is almost always a productive reaction to internal and external change processes. After ELEMENT had successfully established itself in the insurtech market over the past five years, it was time for us to question ourselves again: In the first step, we wanted to think through the values and goals of ELEMENT, in the second we decided to have the courage to show the change in order to be ideally positioned for the next few years and the set goals.


Having the courage to change always pays off

After several in-depth interviews and workshops, we first defined the new brand identity together with the agency HY.AM Studio. We re-told the company's story with a brand narrative: from passion and conviction, constant growth to far-sighted goals.


“In close cooperation with the ELEMENT marketing team, we were able to develop an ambitious brand strategy for the rebranding within a very short time. The result is a modern, meaningful brand identity based on the vision “ELEMENT is shaping the future of insurance.” and the core values of the company.”

Mischa Bitten, Partner & Creative Director, HY.AM Studio.


The concept

The new look & feel was developed to capture the dynamic of what ELEMENT does: The digital world got broken down into its smallest element, the pixel, and a new concept was built from it. This leads to a new colour palette, a new grid, and endless visual assets and feature combinations. The new colours emphasise the innovative power of our company with more clarity and stringency. The new design combinations act in sync with the product and feature combinations in ELEMENT's portfolio – the most innovative solutions in the industry that ELEMENT offers for the entire value chain of insurance needs.




Our mission: tomorrow's insurance-as-a-service

The mission is unequivocal: ELEMENT aims to be the platform of tomorrow's insurance industry; the premier destination for white label insurance solutions and services. Ditto the vision: As a licensed insurance company, ELEMENT is a technology-oriented one-stop partner offering the most innovative solutions in the industry for the entire value chain of insurance needs.

This is how we see ourselves: ELEMENT is shaping the future of insurance.


The goal: innovation and performance boost

Our new corporate design should pick up on the keywords "tech", "insurance" and "innovation". Our website – as one of the most central touchpoints – reflects this with an optimised user journey. The (new) self-image can thus be felt everywhere in the branding. On the one hand, the corporate design carefully builds on what already exists and, on the other hand, emphasises ELEMENT's unique selling points and ambitions.


The result

It’s something to be proud of – as we clearly think:

 ELEMENT_Social Media_Header_wLogo_Twitter_Cover-03



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